The Ballad of Bill and Salome is our estiatorio (restaurant) in the attractive village of Kambos - or Votsalakia - on the island of Samos.

In Greece you'll find tavernas and estiatorios. Many people often think they are the same thing and will use the name taverna for anywhere that serves food. There is a quite a difference though - a taverna is only licensed to cook and sell grilled food whereas an estiatorio is licensed as a café, a restaurant and a grill! This means that The Ballad is what you might call a "proper restaurant" and we think our menu reflects this.

The Ballad of Bill & Salome, Kambos, Samos, Greece

The restaurant

The Ballad of Bill & Salome is in Kambos (also known as Votsalakia). This is a peaceful and tranquil resort on the south-west of Samos that stretches along a 2km beach. You can find us between the Hermes Rent-a-Car office and the Rhenia Tours office on the main road. We're also next door to the postal agency in Kambos - it's easy to find the blue and yellow sign. Just to make it even easier, we're on both sides of the road so you can't miss us! We're open all day from early to late during the main holiday season of April to October.
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The food

All of our dishes are freshly prepared and are “home made”. Salome has been cooking up a storm for some years, both in Greece and in Australia and many of the dishes on our menu are original recipes. We buy all of our meat, vegetables, herbs and spices fresh, never frozen, and we make sure that we know where they have come from. We only use the best to make sure that we give you wholesome and delicious dishes.
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Why is the restaurant called The Ballad of Bill & Salome?

The Ballad isn't our first restaurant. We helped out George and Katerina (Salome's mum and dad) in their restaurant in Ormos (a small resort on Samos); we've run a small place called Gyro Gyro Oly and a larger one called the Lyrikon, both on Samos; and we've worked in Athens and Australia cooking and running restaurants. Over the years, we've become friends with many visitors to Samos and they have returned to see us time and again.

When we told some of our friends that we were going to open our own restaurant, they wrote a poem for us - you can see it in our menu when you visit us - as you can guess, it was called The Ballad of Bill & Salome! We liked the poem so much that we thought it would be a great name for our restaurant. Like us, it's different and, we hope, memorable!

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