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If you know us, you know us! If you don't this is the place to find out much more… (and even if you know us, maybe you'll learn something you didn't know!)

Who we are

We're Bill and Salome - but you've probably guessed that already. We live on the beautiful Greek island of Samos and we own an estiatorio (that's Greek for restaurant which is different from a taverna) in the town of Kambos - which is also known as Votsalakia. The more you get to know us and Greece, the more you will realise that Greeks have many different names for the same things!

The Ballad

Our restaurant is called The Ballad of Bill and Salome - you can find out why here. We're open from April to October, which is the main holiday season, and we're open all day (from early to late... we close when everyone goes home and not before!).

What we do

We like to be different. That's why at The Ballad you'll find we do things differently compared to lots of other tavernas and restaurants.

Great food from start to finish

For a start, we only use fresh ingredients where possible. This means you won't find anything on our menu that is precooked or from out of a tin. It also means that you might see Bill hopping on his moped and zooming up the road to pick up some lemons or some fresh vegetables when we've used them all during the day! We buy all of our meat, vegetables, herbs and spices fresh, not frozen and we make sure that we know where they have come from. We only want to use the best to ensure that we give you wholesome and delicious dishes.

Home made and original

All of our food is home made and many of the dishes on our menu won't be found elsewhere. Salome has been making and cooking her own recipes for many years now - both in Greece and in Australia - and has created many original dishes that you won't find anywhere else.

We’re also very proud to be the home of the original Samos kleftiko - often imitated but never matched! Some years ago, Katerina (Salome’s mum and cooking teacher), created and served the first ever kleftiko on Samos. It was so popular with everyone - locals and visitors - that you will see it on almost all restaurant menus now… we like to think that our original is still the best!

More than just great food!

We're not just a restaurant, though… we can also help you to get the best out of your holiday on Samos. From helping you to find somewhere to stay, renting a car or just giving out useful information on timetables, things to do, places to see and much more, we're here to act as your very own personal travel agent! Read more…

Who needs Google™… just Ask Bill

Got a question about an aspect of Samos history, life or culture? Or perhaps a more general query about Greece? It's likely Bill will know the answer and will be happy to tell you… for as long as you've got! Our very own Google™ and Wikipedia™ Read more…


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